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A Digital Real Estate Platform.

Virtual Property. Real Opportunity.

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A Digital Real Estate Platform.

Virtual Property.

Real Opportunity.

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The definition of property is changing.

A modern form of land ownership is emerging with investors, occupiers and advertisers, all shaping a new digital landscape.

As the line between real and digital continues to blur, a formula for success is essential.


Market Intelligence

Empowering you to make informed decisions using data & analytics, with leading market commentary.

Professional Network

Connecting you to a qualified marketplace of buyers and sellers, at both a retail and institutional level.

Sector Specific Advice

Executing a strategy to help you acquire, monetise and develop your assets within the Metaverse.

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VERSEPROP's Solution

With its’ PROPRIETARY PLATFORM and relationship to market leaders, VERSEPROP will help you make informed decisions about virtual property.

How can VERSEPROP help you?


The growth opportunities are undeniable.

We are at the beginning of a transformation in the Web 3.0 Economy.



The estimated size of the Metaverse market by 2030, according to PWC.



The potential of Metaverse ad revenue by 2024, according to Bloomberg.



The record price of an NFT land plot, acquired in The Sandbox Metaverse (December 2021).

Market leaders in the Metaverse

Samsung image

Samsung launched a metaverse version of its flagship New York City store.

Nike Logo

Nike has revealed a virtual replica of its corprate headquarters: NIKELAND.

Bumble logo

Bumble announced it would develop dating and meeting capabilities for its users in a metaverse environment.

Sothebys logo

Sotheby's created a digital replica of its New Bond Street headquarters as a virtual gallery in Decentraland.

PWC logo

PWC Hong Kong has invested in land within The Sandbox.

Sothebys logo

JP Morgan now has a store presence in the Sandbox.

Virtual Property. Real Opportunity.

So who's behind VERSEPROP?

Joel C.

Founder & CEO

Over 20 years in global real estate, having held senior positions at publicly listed companies where he was a driver of change and innovation across a number of specialisms.


William P.

Founding Partner

Over the best part of a decade in the real estate industry, William has helped clients embrace new tech, overseeing partnerships with names like Google and Wired Score.


Jephter D.

Backend Developer

A back-end developer specialising in Python, Jephter also has years of devops experience allowing us to scale to any number of users.

Glen C.

Lead Engineer

After working at multiple fortune 500 companies, Glen has deep knowledge of TypeScript and React. Recently he has also been focusing on technologies like Solidity and HardHat.


Robbie K.

Content Manager

Focusing on the tech space but with a background in traditional advertising at agencies like And Rising and Saatchi and Saatchi, Robbie has been writing words for brands for over 6 years.

What distinguishes VERSEPROP from the competition?

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A sector specialist that focuses solely on
virtual property
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Exclusive collaborations with
market leaders
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A marketplace that focuses on
quality over quantity
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tailored advisory
service for retail and institutional clients

Discover the world of Virtual Property.

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A Digital Real Estate Platform.

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