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Robbie King

Dec 20 2022

A Detailed Outline of the Service VerseProp Provides

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Up until now we’ve only hinted at what VerseProp offers. Yes, we’ve talked about how we’re a metaverse real estate marketplace. Yes, we’ll offer specialized advice on how to buy and sell
metaverse real estate
. But beyond that, the full picture of what we offer might be somewhat unclear.
With our marketplace launch just around the corner, we thought we’d use this blog to give you a full overview of the services that are launching over the next few months. In short, they can be split into two offerings: marketplace and advisory.

You’ll get access to the best metaverse real estate buying experience on the Web

Ultimately, our marketplace aims to provide you with two things. The most efficient, professional transaction experience possible, and immediate access to the reports, data, and advice that you need to make informed decisions.
Open up our marketplace platform and you’ll be greeted with a dashboard designed for optimal metaverse browsing. You can start by choosing which metaverse you’re interested in. Or you can be metaverse agnostic and browse by other criteria such as price, popularity, etc.
Click on a piece of metaverse real estate and you’ll get an at-a-glance view of all the important information: price history, buyer history, and even a gauge on its value for money.
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You’ll receive specialist advice on metaverse real estate opportunities

Confidence in your experience is our number one priority. This is why we offer to connect you with one of our advisors, all of whom are market specialists with a deep knowledge of metaverse real estate.
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Launching in Q1 2023, our advisory service will provide the data, market reports, and trends that investors need to understand, which parcels look like best buys, when might be a wise time to buy/sell, what to avoid, etc.
Our advisory service also offers more “big picture” guidance to institutions navigating the investment space. If you’re looking for answers to questions like “what kind of long term opportunities can my organization take advantage of in the Metaverse?” Or “what would the buying and virtual land development process look like from start to finish?” then our advisory service can help.
Similarly, we will work with traditional real estate businesses (architects, engineers, developers) to help bridge the gap between the real and virtual built environments; our aim is to assist with the practical applications of blockchain technology for innovators in the industry, advising on everything from tokenization of design services to the creation of immersive metaverse marketing experiences for developers.

Final thoughts

Right now, buying and selling in the Metaverse is new and therefore relatively unsupported. We plan to change that. We’re here to help you navigate what, to many, is a confusing landscape but filled with incredible opportunity.
Along with our advisory service, our blog is here to give you the confidence you need to take advantage of opportunities in the sector. If you’d like to learn more about the space, be the first to learn about our marketplace updates, and receive special offers, click below to sign up to our mailing list, or get in touch @admin@verseprop.com.